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Q1 2020/21 Results Presentation
Podcast - Analyst-/Investor Q1 2020/21 Results Presentation

Press Release and Quarterly Statement

METRO still above market level in core markets

While METRO’s business in Q1 2020/21 was impacted by the COVID-19-related restrictions imposed on the hospitality industry, it nevertheless continued to perform above market level in core markets such as Germany, France and Italy.

Quarterly Statement Q1 2020/21

Additional Information

Curriculum Vitae Christian Baier
Christian Baier, Chief Financial Officer

Christian Baier, Co-Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

Curriculum Vitae Rafael Gasset
Rafael Gasset, Chief Operating Officer

Rafael Gasset, Co-Chairman and Chief Operating Officer (Convenience Cluster)

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Please contact our Investor Relations team if you have any questions relating to METRO shares.

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