Creating music from food: first-ever "Food Concert" in Düsseldorf delights visitors to the "METRO unboxed" exhibition

22 September 2017Download

Cucumbers, peppers, pineapples and lemons all on stage producing music: The Russian-French group "Playtronica" is delighting visitors to the "METRO unboxed" exhibition with the first-ever concert in Düsseldorf.

Playtronica concert at METRO unboxed

Cucumbers, peppers, pineapples and lemons all on stage producing music: The Russian-French group "Playtronica" is delighting visitors to the "METRO unboxed" exhibition with the first-ever concert in Düsseldorf in which fruit and vegetables are the artists on stage. The cucumbers, etc., are wired up with electrodes and connected to the "Playtron", a computer which generates electrical current when the fruits are touched and converts this energy into sounds. Visitors are invited to compile their own "playlist" together with the Playtronica artists and each of them is able to try out this "food synthesiser" on their favourite fruit or vegetable. The result is a futuristic, otherworldly concert. And after their performance as musicians the (still edible) fruits are consumed on the premises. Before the concert begins, Playtronica explains to visitors the scientific and technical principles behind the Playtron computer.

Bringing food trends and new technologies to life

"For us a Food Concert is a new way to interact with an audience", says Playtronica artist Vincent de Malherbe. "No one requires a prior knowledge of music or technology - the music is produced by the fruit and vegetables, with the help of modules." Further concerts are planned for today (5 pm and 6 pm) and tomorrow, Saturday 23 September (12 noon, 1 pm and 2 pm) in the "METRO unboxed" Forum.

More than 10,000 visitors already

With the fruit-and-vegetable concert as one of its highlights, the "METRO unboxed" exhibition is entering its second weekend. In the space of one week the pavilion at the Reuterkaserne has welcomed more than 10,000 visitors - many more than were expected. In other words, the "METRO unboxed" exhibition has turned out to be a huge hit within a very short time. In addition to the Playtronica concerts and workshops, a number of other highlights will feature on this weekend's programme, including the "Hello Weekend Club" today from 7 pm to 10 pm, where guests can celebrate the start of the weekend with fresh beats and cool drinks. On Saturday the hand-on-hand acrobats Kate & Pasi will be performing in the outdoor precinct, then in the evening (from 7 pm to 10 pm) the word acrobats Robin Soho and Chris Tshisumpa will be entertaining the audience in the Forum with their tuneful live music. On Family Day (Sunday) the primary focus will be on the younger generation.

If you don't have time to visit the exhibition yourself, you can take a virtual 360° tour of it and get a realistic impression of the "METRO unboxed" experience at:


About METRO unboxed

METRO unboxed is an exhibition that gives visitors the opportunity to experience the world of modern trade - from international specialities and sustainable logistics solutions to digital trends of the future - with all of their senses. As part of the exhibition, international METRO experts will engage in dialogue with guests about the many different aspects of innovative trade solutions that aid entrepreneurs and consumers from around the world every day, that enrich life in our cities and that facilitate answers to societal challenges. For more information about METRO unboxed, visit:

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