METRO receives A- in the climate rating of the Carbon Disclosure Project

17 December 2021

After the wholesale specialist made it to the A-list for the first time in the CDP ranking the year before, METRO is rated A- in the current assessment. For the wholesale company, which only in July 2021 decisively sharpened its climate protection target and is now aiming for climate neutrality in its own global operations by 2040, this is an incentive to ambitiously pursue its goals.

METRO receives A- in the climate rating of the Carbon Disclosure Project

In FY 2020/21 METRO invested for example €32m in its F-Gas-Exit Programme

"In the past financial year, for example, we invested almost € 32m in our F-Gas Exit Programme alone. We rely on natural gases such as CO2 and ammonia in the refrigeration in our stores and depots, which is elementary for our company, and also equip our cooling units with doors. This not only reduces the risk of climate-damaging leakage, but also dramatically reduces our energy consumption. Every investment pays off and we are planning to spend a total of around €1.5 billion on this in the coming years," explains Veronika Pountcheva, Global Director Corporate Responsibility METRO AG.

Pountcheva continues to say: "But it is not just about investing in innovative technology. It is also about raising awareness among our employees, our supply chain partners and our customers to do their part. We are committed to working in both areas because we can make a real difference. Addressing the impacts of climate change decisively ultimately means investing in the long-term viability of our core business."

In the current assessment, METRO continues to score strongly in the area of climate on initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions, the climate target and the development of a low-carbon economy. Overall, the list of A-List companies has been reduced from 280 last year to 200 this year, with only 10 companies in Germany receiving awards. The main reason for this is that expectations of companies have risen sharply.

In addition to the A- in climate protection in the current CDP ranking, METRO was also rated in the 2 areas of water protection and forests. In the case of water, METRO was able to maintain a B rating. In 3 evaluated categories in the area of forests, METRO is better than the industry average (palm oil, soy, paper): palm oil was rated B, paper and soy B-, cattle C.

CDP's annual assessment process in the areas of climate change, water conservation and forests is widely considered to be among the highest standards for corporate sustainability transparency. In 2021, more than 590 investors with over $110 trillion in assets and more than 200 large buyers with $5.5 trillion in procurement required companies to disclose data on environmental impacts, risks and opportunities through CDP's platform. Over 13,000 companies representing around 64% of global market capitalisation responded – a new record.

CDP uses a detailed and independent methodology to assess these companies and assigns a score ranging from A to D-. This is based on the completeness of the data disclosed, the management of environmental risks and best practices presented on sustainability leadership, such as setting ambitious and material targets.

All information on METRO's activities in the area of sustainability can be found in the current Corporate Responsibility Report.