METRO exceeds electromobility targets

23 February 2023

Top ranking for the expansion of charging infrastructure in the EV100 Report 2023

In 2017, the non-profit organisation The Climate Group founded the global e-mobility initiative EV100. The initiative aims to drive the transition to electric mobility in companies and their corporate fleets. In addition to companies such as Deutsche Post DHL, Ikea or Unilever, METRO AG was also a founding member of the initiative.

The "EV100 Progress & Insights Report 2023" published on 20 February shows very good progress. The companies involved in the initiative are not only electrifying their fleets, but are also consistently expanding the charging infrastructure: In total, the 121 member companies of the initiative have already put more than 209,000 electric vehicles on the roads and installed more than 20,000 charging points at 3,100 locations.

METRO is one of the pioneers in the field of charging infrastructure in particular, ranking third. The company will already achieve its goal of installing 1,000 charging points worldwide by 2030 this year. And the ambitions remain high - especially in Spain, France, Italy and Turkey, massive investments are being made in the expansion of the charging infrastructure. METRO is also well on its way with the electrification of company cars - 10% of the global corporate fleet are already e-cars, 21% of which are in Germany. And last but not least, METRO's delivery logistics are also on track. The existing e-trucks in Austria, Italy and the Netherlands will be joined this year by further delivery vehicles in Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Romania. The goal of climate neutrality in logistics is also to be achieved by 2040 at the latest.

Electric truck of METRO France

Climate and environmental protection have high priority at METRO. Thus, in 2021, the group has set itself the goal of consistently reducing its CO2 footprint worldwide and of being completely climate-neutral in its own business operations by 2040, which has recently also been extended to its own transport and delivery logistics. At the same time, the company wants to make a contribution to achieving the global climate protection goals. To this end, METRO will invest a total of more than €1 billion, among other things, in extensive measures to increase energy efficiency, phase out fossil fuels, expand renewable energies and switch to natural refrigerants in cooling. The promotion of electric mobility will make an important contribution to the climate protection targets for CO2 reduction in the company's own business operations.

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EV100 - The Climate Group
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