Exploring Wholesale and Retail: 'METRO unboxed' opens in Düsseldorf

13 September 2017Download

The temporary interactive exhibition 'METRO unboxed' opens today on Reuterkaserne, a street in the historic centre of Düsseldorf. It will run until 2 October and enables visitors to experience the modern, international world of wholesale and retail with all their senses.

  • Interactive exhibition 'METRO unboxed' open from today until 2 October
  • Specialities and innovations from 35 countries spread over 2,000 square metres - with free entry
  • Temporary pavilion will be completely dismantled and the site returned to its original state

The temporary interactive exhibition 'METRO unboxed' opens today on Reuterkaserne, a street in the historic centre of Düsseldorf. It will run until 2 October and enables visitors to experience the modern, international world of wholesale and retail with all their senses. They can try international specialities from various countries that METRO operates in - from Japanese sea greens to Moldovan wine and Spanish Serrano ham - and talk to METRO experts from the 25 presenting countries about digital innovations and current projects on the future of wholesale and food retail. Cutting-edge projection technology and sophisticated exhibits make a visit to 'METRO unboxed' a unique experience. Admission is free of charge.

'After our stock exchange listing we want to present the new METRO to the public in person: how we support independent business owners around the world, how we help to shape life in towns and cities - and how we take ownership in social responsibility,' said Olaf Koch, Chairman of the Management Board of METRO AG. 'With "METRO unboxed", we aren't just showing what already happens in the world of wholesale and retail. We also take visitors on a journey to discover the food and technology trends of tomorrow. Throughout the exhibition, there is a focus on our commitment to enhancing sustainability in wholesale and retail.'

'METRO unboxed' itself is all about sustainability as well: the pavilion constructed for the exhibition will be completely dismantled once 'METRO unboxed' has finished. A very large proportion of the construction materials will be recycled. The exhibition site will also be returned to its original state: Reuterkaserne will be restored with the same number of trees of the same size and height. METRO will also donate three extra trees. Food waste will be minimised too. For example, visitors can take uneaten food home with them in doggy bags.

Düsseldorf's mayor, Thomas Geisel, said about the METRO initiative: 'METRO is a long-standing Düsseldorf company which is presenting itself in an innovative fashion with the temporary exhibition. Trade has always brought different cultures and people together. METRO shares inspiration from the shores of the Rhine with the rest of the world and vice versa.'

As well as being a presentation of METRO's activities, 'METRO unboxed' is serving as a venue for düsseldorf festival!, which is taking place at the same time. METRO has been supporting this festival of culture since back in 2005 and is the event's Premium Partner for the first time this year. Countless artistes taking part in düsseldorf festival! will perform at the temporary METRO pavilion on Reuterkaserne this year. 'This gives our festival an additional, very attractive and modern venue in the heart of the city,' enthused Christiane Oxenfort and Andreas Dahmen, Artistic and Managing Directors of düsseldorf festival!.

'METRO unboxed' - highlights

At the 'METRO unboxed' interactive exhibition, visitors can find out how innovative wholesale and retail concepts make customers more successful and how partnerships with local producers contribute towards greater variety and sustainability. On their journey through 'METRO unboxed', they can visit an Indian kirana (a small, traditional shop selling lots of typical Indian products), try the wide range of products from Italy or find out about the many different sea greens in Japan. If they want, they can also listen to the success story of a family of entrepreneurs from Poland in their sitting room. Meanwhile, in a classroom, METRO Serbia showcases a regional initiative that gives disadvantaged children a healthy meal. As visitors walk around the exhibition, they can also try out digital tools such as the 'SeedBoard'. At first sight, this looks like an ordinary piece of cardboard, but videos can be projected onto it at specific points inside the pavilion.

More than 10 live cooking shows featuring internationally renowned Michelin-starred chefs and top chefs from the local region give visitors a chance to treat their taste buds and enjoy a spot of entertainment. Musical performances by young acts from Düsseldorf round off each day's programme. The 'Food Concert' on 22 and 23 September will combine music and food, with vegetables, fruit and other foodstuffs producing the notes. Travelling to the METRO pavilion will be an experience too: for three days, there will be vehicles typical of the partner countries on the streets of Düsseldorf - from tuk-tuks to rickshaws. METRO is also holding a number of dialogue events, with North Rhine-Westphalia's Minister for Economic Affairs, Andreas Pinkwart, expected at the political Wednesday Social on 27 September.

You can find the full programme for the exhibition and comprehensive information at: www.metro-unboxed.com.

About 'METRO unboxed'

'METRO unboxed' is an exhibition that gives visitors the opportunity to experience the world of modern wholesale and retail with all their senses - from international specialities and sustainable logistics solutions to the digital trends of the future. During the exhibition, international experts from METRO will engage in dialogue with visitors about the multifaceted nature of innovative wholesale and retail solutions. Every day, these help business owners and consumers from around the world to forge ahead, enrich life in our towns and cities, and make it possible to find sustainable answers to social challenges. Find out more about 'METRO unboxed' at: www.metro-unboxed.com

METRO is a leading international wholesale and food specialist. The company operates in 35 countries and employs more than 150,000 people around the world. METRO generated revenue of approximately €37 billion in financial year 2015/16. The company provides tailored solutions to cater for the local and international needs of its wholesale and retail customers. METRO is setting tomorrow's standards for customer-centricity, digital solutions and viable business models with its sales brands METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry and Real, its delivery services and its digitisation initiatives.