One year EV100 - METRO promotes electric mobility in everyday life

04 February 2019

In September 2017, METRO AG, together with other international corporations, joined the Electric Vehicle 100 (EV100) Initiative. The aim of this initiative is to promote electric mobility.

Charging infrastructure on the parking lots of the METRO stores on site

The initiative was founded by the Climate Group, an international association of regions and companies committed to an active climate policy. By joining the EV100 initiative, METRO has committed itself to the expansion of electric charging infrastructure, e.g. at the METRO Campus in Düsseldorf as well as at the local parking lots of the METRO stores. In addition, the wholesale specialist wants to promote e-mobility in the company's own fleet.


Heiko Hutmacher, Chief Human Resources Officer and Member of the Management Board responsible for Sustainability, METRO AG: “We have set ourselves ambitious climate protection targets: by 2030 we want to reduce our CO2 emissions per m2 of sales and storage space by 50%. Consequently, we have joined the EV100 initiative in 2017 as an ambassador for e-mobility. Increasing and promoting the use of EVs, we do not only create added customer value but we take important steps towards reducing our carbon footprint. In the past year we have more than doubled the number of eCars in our fleet and reached an 140% increase of installed chargers. With a growing number of eVans and eTrucks in delivery, we help reducing air pollution and noise in the cities, hence contributing to life quality not only in metropoles like Paris, Florence or Vienna, but as well in many other cities where we are creating awareness and impact for e-mobility. Today's environmental challenges require strong partnerships and joint action – with EV100 we are proud to support the move towards cleaner energy and cities.”

METRO currently offers more than 239 charging points. 211 charging points are distributed across the parking lots of METRO and MAKRO stores in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine and China. Until 2030, the expansion of the charging infrastructure is to be continuously advanced. METRO will then make more than 1,000 charging points available to its customers. An absolute added value for METRO customers: METRO TopCard customers can recharge their e-cars free of charge. In most cases, the average time spent shopping at METRO is sufficient for recharging a car. The electricity comes – where feasible – from photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the stores.

METRO also sees itself as an ambassador and uses its own infrastructure to promote electric mobility. In Bulgaria, for example, METRO promotes the visibility, uptake and use of e-cars. 8 of the 11 METRO stores are equipped with charging points and in the Sofia store customers can even rent e-cars to transport their purchases quickly, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

After one year of EV100, the Climate Group has compiled a first report and has now published it. The report also includes METRO's contribution to the promotion of e-mobility: