METRO Study confirms entrepreneurial spirit: most entrepreneurs would found again

25 September 2019Download

On the occasion of the “Own Business Day,” METRO will be presenting the results of a representative study reflecting the mood in independent businesses for the third time since 2017.

METRO Own Business Day
  • Very positive mood among the entrepreneurs surveyed: 95 percent would found companies again.
  • Representative METRO survey as part of the “Own Business Day” shows how important own businesses are to Germans: Almost one in two say that their own way of life is based directly on the diverse offers from self-employed service providers and entrepreneurs.
  • METRO supports independent businesses and their founders with the “Own Business Day” and offers them a platform for gaining greater visibility.

The study paints a very positive picture, as nearly all of the entrepreneurs surveyed (95 percent) say they would found a company again. The study also shows how important these local businesses are for many consumers in order to maintain their own way of life. METRO therefore supports independent businesses as part of the “Own Business Day” on 8 October by hosting a platform on which more than 547,000 restaurants, hotels, cafés, snack bars and many other service providers have already registered their special offers for the day.

The METRO survey confirms that Germans love buying from own businesses. 43 percent of the consumers surveyed confirmed that owner-managed companies have an enormous share in being able to lead their way of life as they desire. And the self-employed entrepreneurs are also very optimistic: nearly all (95 percent) said that they would found new businesses again, although almost one in two feared that their income would be insecure (41 percent), one in three (32 percent) had to put a lot of effort into the continuous battle for new business and almost a quarter (23 percent) considers the tax payments to be burdensome.

Experts therefore advise founders who have a business idea to inform themselves well before starting: “Especially in the first two years after starting a business, it is important to be aware of the runway – in other words the dry spell through which the reserves have to last. During this time, founders have to deal analytically and strategically with the funds available and keep the burn rate, i.e. the consumption of resources, manageable,” says Prof. Dr. Christoph Hienerth, Chair in Entrepreneurship und New Business Development from Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar.