On its own feet into the food universe - NX-Food becomes an independent company

29 October 2020

NX-Food, the food start-up hub focussing on gastronomy within METRO, spins off as an independent company to offer its expertise also to clients outside METRO AG and position itself as a leading boutique consultancy for foodinnovations.

In this way, the networking experts of NX-Food are reacting to the high demand from outside and are demonstrating to many stakeholders that their knowledge is now also available outside METRO. This is hoped to activate new customers.

The independent limited liability company will be managed by Fabio Ziemßen and Veronika Pountcheva, who will perform this managing director role in addition to her function as Global Director Sustainability METRO AG.

"For years, an 'alternative food universe' has been changing the world of the food industry, retail and catering. Anyone who wants to grow in this environment is well advised to open up to new trends and to consider innovation as an opportunity," says Fabio Ziemßen. NX-Food will devote itself to this form of consulting in the future. The aim: to show attractiveness on the floor and to source ideas by working with start-ups. This is not only about speeding up trends, but also about showing assortment competence.

NX-Food, so far connected with around 800 founders, already works with several customers and is already in promising talks with other players outside METRO. In addition to this new external perspective, the search for clients within the sales divisions still offers great potential. "The particular strength of the new company is the implementation expertise provided by the strong consulting aspect. This means that we are taking the issues out of the food tech bubble and breaking it into operational cases”, says Veronika Pountcheva.

Officially founded on 1 March 2020, the company will be launched with a small organisation that reflects the start-up idea in its size. Thus, in addition to the two managing directors Veronika Pountcheva and Fabio Ziemßen, Charlotte Dyba as Junior Consultant and Frank Anders, responsible for strategy, are part of the team. Clément Tischer, previously Programme Manager, will be responsible for Innovation & Partnership and Valeria Karahan is in charge for Communications and Marketing of the new company.

More information and contacts data of NX-Food can be found here: www.nx-food.com