METRO France strengthens partnership with fish processing specialist Filpromer

06 January 2021

METRO France has acquired a stake of nearly 25% in the Cherbourg-based fish processing company Filpromer.

The collaboration between METRO France and Filpromer dated back to 2004, with a fish cutting and processing workshop customized to address the evolving needs of the hospitality sector, a key customer group of METRO France.

Over the past 16 years the facility has enabled METRO France to respond agilely to the demands of independent HoReCa businesses by developing and adapting offers and solutions with leading know-how and innovation.

The successful cooperation has led to the latest chapter of the partnership. METRO France is committed to actively participating in the continuous development of the fish processing workshop and enhancing exchanges with the upstream players to jointly tailor solutions for gastro operators. To support hospitality establishments in the current COVID-19 lockdown, for example, the workshop has innovatively developed specialized solutions for restaurants’ take-away and delivery operations.