Leadership position confirmed: METRO analytics platform “Customer Lens” ranked first place

21 June 2021

In this year’s global relations survey among suppliers conducted by The Advantage Group, METRO AG’s analytical platform “Customer Lens” was rated again. In the chapter “shares relevant data and insights”, METRO’s analytics platform was awarded 1st place once more.

METROs Business Analytics Tool ranked 1st place

METROs Business Analytics Tool ranked 1st place

METRO AG’s platform “Customer Lens” was launched in 2019, following in the footsteps of the successful “International Data Sharing (IDS) platform. The aim of the data sharing solution “Customer Lens” is to provide analytical insights to the wholesaler’s global suppliers. By combining sales development and customer buying behaviour, METRO supports its suppliers in better understanding customer needs.

The platform is in constant development by METRO DIGITAL as technical service provider for METRO AG. A dedicated team supports the day to day maintenance and future developments. New features are planned to go live in 2022, main focus always being the user experience. All relevant data shall be available withing few clicks, zooming in from the big picture to the detail.

On an annual basis “The Advantage Group” asks more than 30 global FMCG suppliers in an independent ranking about their level of contentment with the range, functionality and benefits of the analysis tools offered by almost 2 dozen international retailing companies. In addition, the survey also includes the supplier’s satisfaction rate with the cooperation on various topics with wholesale and retail companies. Already in its launching year, “Customer Lens” started off within the top 3 tools, increasing functionality and user satisfaction ever since.