METRO Diversity & Inclusion Days

18 February 2019

Diversity and inclusion is a lived reality for an international corporation. It is important for METRO to provide regular space for this topic. The Diversity & Inclusion Days will take place on campus from 19 to 21 February 2019. During these days, employees will be able to experience the various dimensions of diversity.

Diversity Days at METRO Campus

Diversity & Inclusion is a lived reality for an international corporation. This is precisely why it is particularly important for METRO to address this topic at regular intervals and to sensitise and engage its employees for this topic. To this effect, METRO does not only use the official occasions, like for example the International Diversity Day, the German Diversity Day of the Diversity Charta or the IDAHOT Day, but also moves this issue into focus on other occasions throughout the year.

“Diversity is indispensable for METRO. We operate in 35 countries, people from 159 nationalities work for us. Whether we are talking about a diverse workforce at all levels of the Group, about women in leadership positions, about the topic of inclusion or about employee networks: we promote and support our employees wherever we can. That is because the more diverse the teams, the better the solutions they develop and, thus, our economic success”, says Heiko Hutmacher, Chief Human Resources Officer of METRO AG. “Diversity is very clearly a factor for economic success. That is why we use different formats so that our employees and managers can look into this subject time and again and also in entertaining ways”, continues Hutmacher.

In order to draw even more attention to this topic we will host the Diversity & Inclusion Days on the METRO Campus from 19 to 21 February 2019. During these three days our employees will be able to experience the different dimensions of diversity.

The Diversity & Inclusion Days will kick off with a panel discussion about the topic “Is LGBT+ something for the workplace?”. Besides Heiko Hutmacher, CHRO of METRO AG, also Sarah Ungar, ThyssenKrupp, Sascha Kuhn, Simmons und Simmons, Stuart B. Cameron, UHLALA, and Dr. Jean-Luc Vey, PROUT at Work, will participate in this discussion. Veronika Pountcheva, Global Director Corporate Responsibility, will moderate the event.

During the three-day event employees are invited to attend different thematic workshops, for example on the topic of “Unconscious Bias” or “Generation”. Additional panel discussions will present the different facets of Diversity. Gastronomical diversity will equally be on display: during the week, employees will be able to enjoy national dishes from different countries – the recipes were suggested by the employees.

In addition, the art exhibition #WE ARE PART OF CULTURE will be on display on the METRO Campus during this week. This exhibition portraits more than 30 personalities from antiquity to the present day who have profoundly shaped our society and culture.