First zero energy wholesale store in St. Pölten

25 October 2017

The new METRO wholesale store in St. Pölten officially opened. The wholesale store is a "zero energy" building, thus fully committed to the idea of sustainability and is already regarded as an international showcase project in the METRO world.

METRO Austria Zero Energy Wholesale Market

The façade is out of thermally treated spruce. Window surfaces, which lead around the entire store, provide more daylight and thus enable a reduction in artificial lighting. All windows can be opened by means of a central control panel, so that the building is sufficiently cooled by means of transverse ventilation even in very warm weather conditions. Thus - even to satisfy the zero-energy requirement - a ventilation system can be completely dispensed.

"Wholesale stores, one might say, combine pragmatism with assortment and consultancy competence. Our aim for our new store was to combine our core competence, which has been proven over decades, with a "well-being concept". Away from the pragmatic blue-yellow industrial building towards much wood and daylight with a modern area division. "With the realization of the zero-energy status of this store, another innovative and sustainable step towards the future has been realized", explains METRO Austria CEO, Arno Wohlfahrter.

The energy supply is generated via its own photovoltaic system. This means that even more energy is generated over the year than necessary for the METRO store itself. The waste heat from the chillers is used for heating and conditioning the hot water. Wohlfarther: "Our wholesale store is an example of the fact that an industrial building does not have to be more expensive if built sustainably. The operating costs of the market are much lower, resulting in a very successful business case over the life cycle."

Sustainability also in connection with traffic The entire transport concept around the new wholesale store is also under the aspect of sustainability. In addition to parking, there are also parking facilities for bicycles and e-filling stations. In addition, a direct marketing service will be opened directly in front of the METRO store Bus stop.

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