Further evolution of the DISH solutions to drive the digitalisation of restaurateurs

27 October 2021

Customized subscription solutions to meet the needs of HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, catering) customers even better

  • Tailored to varying levels of knowledge and digitalization and to the specific needs of restaurateurs, such as time savings or process optimisation
  • Restaurant operators can choose from four subscription solutions, tailored according to their needs – either to take the first steps towards digitalisation or additional digital solutions if they are already advanced on the digitalisation path

Hospitality Digital is in continuous dialogue with independent restaurateurs and is constantly reviewing its DISH portfolio to ensure that independent restaurateurs get the best possible support for digitalisation. A number of digital solutions is already offered on the DISH platform. In order to serve the needs of our customers even better, the portfolio and the subscription structure were adapted again after their first launch in October 2020.

“Since 2015, we have been developing digital solutions for one of our key customer groups: independent restaurateurs”, says Dr. Volker Glaeser, CEO of Hospitality Digital. “During the COVID pandemic, we have been working without interruption to further support our customers and offer solutions to somewhat mitigate the lost revenue. This includes the creation of one’s own website, but also the integration of ordering solutions into the website or the visibility on the internet. The COVID period, in particular, has shown us how quickly needs and digital solution demands can change – and how fast we also develop our digital solutions. Because we are in close contact with our customers, we were able to react quickly to the changing reality of our customers with the tailoring of our subscription solutions and thus adapted the various digital solutions within the subscriptions,” continues Glaeser.

With the new solutions, DISH is focusing on the customers’ level of knowledge. If the restaurant operator is a “digital novice”, the offer is tailored to this specific need, and he can choose a solution that can be implemented without any prior technical knowledge and without any technical terminology: DISH Starter. If the user is at a slightly more advanced digital level, already using digital tools, and now wants to go deeper into the digital world to drive his business, he can choose from different subscription models in line with his needs. The tools are geared towards this level of knowledge.

The following four subscriptions are available:

  • DISH Starter helps the restaurateur to put his offer online and make the restaurant visible to more potential guests. The DISH Starter solution comprises a website, a reservation tool and a Google business account. It is designed in such a way that no prior technical knowledge is required. Everything a “novice” needs to take his business online is covered. A one-time activation fee is charged. There are no monthly fees, no hidden costs and the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

  • DISH Professional Reservation is a solution that provides all the functionalities needed to support a strong online presence for taking and managing reservations: reservation tool, website and a Google business account. The ability to send SMS reminders reduces the “no-show rate”. SEO optimisation increases visibility of the restaurant on the internet and the restaurant’s website is automatically translated into the language used by the guests. This solution is designed to be managed by the customers themselves. A one-time activation fee and a monthly subscription fee have to be paid.

  • DISH Professional Order offers all features for a strong online presence and for taking and managing food orders, without commission. DISH Professional Order comprises the website, a Google business account and an integrated ordering tool via Google. It gives restaurant operators more independence and enhances profitability thanks to fixed monthly costs instead of commission-based billing. Restaurateurs can quickly and independently customise their menu and create promotions to increase the number of loyal guests and manage the complete ordering process.

  • DISH Premium is a solution that enables restaurant operators to maximize the positive effects of digitalisation on their operations – from website to out-of-house or in-house business. It enables direct ordering and reservations via Google without paying commission. In-house and out-of-house processes can be managed separately. Menus and offers can be adjusted quickly. Fewer “no-shows” thanks to SMS reminders. Higher online visibility thanks to Google-optimised text and automatic translations.

With the new subscription solutions, Hospitality Digital once again emphasizes that a continued exchange with the target group is crucial to meeting customer needs. Digitalisation is a continuous process and METRO’s tech entity strengthens the hospitality industry with customized offers. These help restaurateurs focus on what is most important to them: their guests.