Hospitality Digital supports restaurateurs in the pandemic: 18 digital solutions, numerous video tutorials

03 May 2021

Hospitality Digital continues to support restaurateurs in the pandemic - 18 digital solutions in 3 years, more than 360 video tutorials since January

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Hospitality Digital is the global market leader in digital solutions for the hospitality industry: More than 200,000 restaurateurs in 16 countries use up to 18 digital solutions from the online platform DISH
Especially in COVID 19 times: Continuous exchange and further development of digital tools together with and for restaurateurs
Easy digital access for restaurateurs: More than 360 DISH explana-tory videos for all tools with FAQs in 16 languages



DISH, the platform for restaurateurs that drives the digitalisation of the industry, is active for three years in 16 countries. DISH was launched in 2018 with the aim of working with and for restaurateurs to better master their everyday challenges through digital services and tools, to provide industry know-how and to strengthen networks. Today, over 200,000 restaurateurs and hoteliers in 16 countries already use up to 18 digital solutions distributed through DISH. For the digital empowerment of restaurateurs in COVID-19 times, the digital experts of Hospitality Digital have built up an extensive package of more than 360 online tutorials since January, which can be accessed via YouTube- DISH Support and is constantly being developed further. In addition, free webinars are offered. In this way, restaurateurs can familiarise themselves with digital tools and use them directly.

"We are proud that after 3 years we can look back on a strong and committed community. Especially in times of COVID-19, we do everything we can to sup-port one of our core customer groups, the independent restaurateurs. The lockdown is hitting the industry hard. Together with them and for them, we develop digital solutions that optimise their everyday life, turnover, planning and costs. Our community is growing day by day - and with it our digital portfolio of solutions that digitise the restaurant business from start to finish," says Dr Volker Glaeser, CEO of Hospitality Digital. For example, since January 2021, restaurant owners can use DISH Order - a simple online ordering tool that can be integrated into the website of the respective restaurant. Offering pick-up or  own delivery makes restaurateurs more independent and flexible from third-party service providers. Restaurateurs in Germany pay a monthly fixed fee of 49 euros (plus 299 euros set-up fee) and no commission, as is customary in the market.

"COVID-19 has hit the industry hard. We are working relentlessly on digital solutions to help our customers mitigate lost sales during these times, for example, through pick-up and delivery business." Restaurateurs can watch small explanatory videos on each digital tool in the DISH YouTube channel, 16 languages are available. More than 360 video tutorials are already in place. In addition, Hospitality Digital offers webinars in which experts interactively explain the tools and can directly answer the questions of the participants. 
Nationally and internationally, the experts of Hospitality Digital work on innovative solutions that digitalise a restaurant. In the meantime, there are 18 digital tools. These help restaurateurs to also improve their operational performance. These include, for example, liquiKIT for liquidity planning or DISH Menukit for calculating menu prices. Digital tools also improve digital visibility via website creation and findability on over 20 online networks such as Google, Facebook or Tripadvisor through DISH Weblisting.

"With strong partners, we ensure that the digital solutions lead to measurable improvements. As part of METRO, we have a large partner network that an individual independent entrepreneur cannot access to the same extent. This allows restaurateurs to focus on what is most important to them: Their customers," Glaeser explains further.

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Hospitality Digital was established in 2015 and actively contributes to the digitalisation of the hospitality sector. An international team of experts implements a variety of digital solutions and innovations for hotels, restaurants, caterers, and trader businesses. To this effect, the company relies on self-developed solutions as well as on solutions from start-ups, and on solutions from other partners. These digital solutions reach small and medium-sized restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses through the sales channels of the METRO/MAKRO countries. In addition, the company invests into start-ups from the fields of hospitality tech, retail tech, food tech and food innovation and monitors the trends in the hospitality industry. Hospitality Digital is a wholly owned subsidiary of METRO. For more information, please visit


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