METRO AG publishes KPI Report Corporate Responsibility 2022/23

18 December 2023

Progress documentation regarding climate protection, reduction of plastic and food waste as well as a transparent supply chain

In the interests of transparent reporting, METRO AG publishes the Corporate Responsibility KPI Report in addition to the non-financial statement in the Annual Report. Based on the ESG priorities (Environmental, Social, Governance) as important indicators for the ecological, social and ethical responsibility of a company, the progress in the fulfilment of the sustainability goals is listed in detail here. METRO's aim here is to continuously strengthen and expand responsible and sustainable business practices within its own business operations, but also in its cooperation with suppliers and customers.

Focus on climate neutrality by 2040

The group-wide goal is to consistently reduce the carbon footprint worldwide and to be completely climate-neutral in its own business operations by 2040. The main levers for achieving this are the increased use of renewable energies, increasing energy efficiency and optimising logistics in order to gradually reduce our own emissions along the entire value chain. With savings of 39.7% achieved by the end of the financial year compared to the base year 2011, the company is well on the way to achieving the climate protection target it has set itself. A milestone in the last financial year was the opening of Germany's largest rooftop solar plant at the logistics site in Marl. The 43 football pitches large solar plant supplies a total of 18 MWp of clean electricity.

Continuous reduction of food waste

Another focus of the sustainability strategy is the reduction of food waste, which represents both an ecological and a social challenge. In line with the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) resolution on food waste, METRO has committed to reducing the food waste generated in its own business operations by 50% by 2025 compared to the base year 2017/18. The current reduction is 23%. In order to achieve the target, METRO is implementing various measures, such as improving procurement processes, raising awareness among employees and customers, working with social organisations such as food banks and using digital, AI-based solutions.

Overachievement of plastic reduction targets

In addition to food waste, the reduction of plastic in own-brand packaging is also one of METRO's priority sustainability targets. The savings target has been almost doubled already: Compared to the base year 2018, 2,000 tonnes of plastic were to be saved by 2023. However, by using recycled material or renewable raw materials, reducing the size and thickness of packaging and eliminating unnecessary packaging, 3,804 tonnes have already been saved.

Ethics and trust in the supply chain

Last but not least, compliance with human rights standards in the supply chain was again confirmed by various social audits in the last financial year. METRO works closely with its own-brand suppliers to this end. This is because robust and reliable supply chains are a central component of the sCore growth strategy.

Further information on the sustainability strategy and the progress made in achieving the ESG targets, as well as the development of our employee key figures and our social commitment, can be found in the Annual Report 2022/23 and in the KPI Report Corporate Responsibility 2022/23 of METRO AG.