More than 370,000 specials around the world: METRO celebrates the 3rd Own Business Day

08 October 2018Download

A dessert for free after a delicious dinner, an extra night in the hotel for the next holiday or the additional service when visiting your favorite hairdresser - on 9 October more than 370,000 specials worldwide will be available when METRO kicks off the third Own Business Day.

Own Business Day 2018 - Discover special offers around you!
  • For the third time METRO invites all consumers to celebrate their favorite own businesses on 9 October
  • More than 370,000 unique specials - only available on Own Business Day - among them are 4,000 in Germany

The idea: Business owners do not only make our lives convenient and more colourful, they also play an important role for our community to stay vibrant and full of liveliness. To pay tribute to their enduring dedication and recognise their accomplishments, METRO initiated the Own Business Day two years ago in all countries where the company is operating. The third annual Own Business Day will take place on 9 October 2018 in 24 METRO countries, targeting all small and independent businesses including 21 million professional customers of the wholesale company.

The company has successfully established the day as an annual global event scheduled for the second Tuesday of October each year. "With this day we want to show our appreciation to all business owners around the world," Philippe Palazzi, Chief Operating Officer of METRO AG underlines. "We are always impressed with the passion and endurance they exhibit every day to make their business successful and their customers happy. For METRO, it's our job to strengthen their competitiveness for continuous success. We want to take this moment to give them back the attention and recognition they deserve, today is the day to enhance their visibility in their communities and to support them in building strong relationships with their customers."

Leading up to 9 October, all independent business owners were asked to share their exclusive special for this day on the central hub Over 370,000 specials worldwide have been accumulated - all of them are available for the customers tomorrow on 9 October. The most notable country is India, where almost 150,000 specials are offered to the public. German customers can choose from 4,000 specials all over the country. In the run-up to this year's Own Business Day, METRO staff around the world has organized a number of unique events - such as an exclusive dinner in the sky in Madrid, Spain. The fortunate participants will enjoy tapas prepared by well-known chefs in a cocktail bar 45 meters above the ground, which is carried by a crane. MAKRO Czech Republic has partnered with a well-established local association of small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs, connecting over 250,000 business owners in the country.

In preparation for the Own Business Day, METRO has supported participating business owners with a variety of tools: The online platform features special offers for the local public and respective information on participating businesses, customized measures supporting business owners' marketing activities - from promotion material to access to media - help own businesses to raise their profile and to attract new customers. "Our efforts are aimed at enhancing the own businesses' visibility, particularly online, towards the public so that more customers will be attracted to their doorstep to discover and experience", says Palazzi. "Already in its third year, the Own Business Day has been expanding its footprint broadly. It is now an integral part and strong testimony of us living up to our purpose of being the champion for independent business. We are successful when our customers succeed in their business."

To learn even more about the challenges that business owners face in the different stages of their business life, METRO has again commissioned an international survey: The second issue of METRO's Own Business Study works towards a better understanding of independent businesses around the world. Building on the findings from 2017, the study looks at what consumers across the globe think about independent businesses, business owners' experiences, how governments can support independent businesses and what else is needed to help them. For this year's study, METRO has again surveyed 10,000 people in ten countries, among them 1,500 business owners. "METRO's purpose is to be the champion for independent business. Therefore, we constantly look into the needs of business owners and stand up for them. Their success is vital for the diversity and well-being of our communities. Our study is providing leverage on how to support them in their daily reality", says Philippe Palazzi. All results are available under publications.

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