"METRO unboxed": Interactive exhibition inspires about 30,000 visitors

02 October 2017Download

"METRO unboxed exceeded all our expectations. Every day, cheerful and interested people from the world over flocked to our exhibition. It was a great presentation of the new METRO and of the exciting, complex and innovative world of wholesale and retail”, says Olaf Koch, Chairman of the Management Board of METRO AG.

  • Guests from more than 50 countries visited the temporary exhibition "METRO unboxed"
  • A varied cooking and cultural program attracted many visitors - the pavilion also served as a venue for the düsseldorf festival!
  • Dismantling activities and restoration of the original site conditions already started last night and are to be completed by 12 October

For 20 days, the temporary interactive exhibition "METRO unboxed" attracted about 30,000 visitors. "Metro unboxed exceeded all our expectations. Every day, cheerful and interested people from the world over flocked to our exhibition. It was a great presentation of the new Metro and of the exciting, complex and innovative world of wholesale and retail", says Olaf Koch, Chairman of the Management Board of Metro AG, pleased with the positive response to "METRO unboxed". The temporary exhibition on Reuterkaserne, a street close to the historic centre of Düsseldorf and to the banks of the River Rhine, concluded yesterday with a varied closing party.

Starting on 13 September, Metro AG had built a temporary pavilion featuring an exhibition space of some 2,000 square meters and 38 stations with presentations from 25 Metro countries on Reuterkaserne, a street close to the historic centre of Düsseldorf. After Metro Group hat demerged into two new entities in July 2017, the wholesale and retail business now operates under the name of Metro AG with a new logo and corporate identity. The aim of the temporary exhibition was to present the work of the new Metro to the public. "Düsseldorf is our home. This is where we operate our global food wholesale and retail business from. What that means is something we wanted to bring closer to the visitors with Metro unboxed", says Koch.

The results of “METRO unboxed” by far exceeded expectations: in total, 29,583 guests visited the exhibition, including 35 school classes. More than 2,000 visitors joined one of the approximately 250 guided tours. The programme in addition also included 20 concerts and 15 live cooking shows as well as 17 events in the framework of the “düsseldorf festival!”. During the first few days four exceptional “food shuttles” were available to take people to the pavilion. These typical vehicles from the METRO partner countries transported around 160 visitors. Within 20 days of ‘METRO unboxed’, visitors were invited to enjoy specialties and innovations from 35 countries on an exhibition space of 2,000 square meters – with free admission.

Naturally, the exhibition stands representing 25 Metro countries from Belgium to Ka-zakhstan all the way to the most recent Metro country, Myanmar, focused on food - on regional as well as international specialties. India, for example, presented a Kirana, a kind of traditional "mom-and-pop" convenience store that ensures food supply in many parts of this country, especially the rural regions. Japan is a country famous for its sea greens which is why its stand offered seaweed, red and brown algae. Serbia showcased its "Magic Breakfast" - a project ensuring the healthy nutrition of school children. "So much is going on behind the scenes of our business that people are not aware of. We don't just sell and transport food: we ensure, and are committed to, its quality, safety and sustainability. This also includes taking ownership of social and ecological responsibility at all our locations worldwide", says Koch.

This year, METRO was the premium sponsor of the "düsseldorf festival!" and made the pavilion available as an additional festival venue. Düsseldorf's mayor, Thomas Geisel, said: "For three weeks, METRO has not only presented interesting facts, but also a very entertaining program in an unusual framework and thereby also enriched the 'düsseldorf festival!'. Metro unboxed was an attractive destination for visitors from all over the world."

The highlights of the supporting program included live cooking shows with renowned international Michelin star chefs and top gourmet chefs from the region, among them star chef and METRO testimonial Tim Raue, João Oliveira from Portugal, Karl Romboy from "Karl's Restaurant" in Düsseldorf and the famous pâtissier Tim Tegtmeier. Many musical and artistic live acts provided evening entertainment. At the "Food Concerts", even fruits and vegetables turned into instruments producing sounds with the help of special synthesizers.

Also METRO’s commitment in the field of sustainability is fully focused on the future: dismantling of the complete “METRO unboxed” pavilion already started last night, right after the close of the exhibition, and is to be completed by 12 October. The material used for the supporting structures of the pavilion and the tower will be re-used for other temporary buildings. The facade will be recycled. The furniture used for the venue was mostly leased. And the companies involved in the project will re-use more than 90 percent of the roughly 100 truckloads of material required for the construction. METRO also sets great store by the recultivation of the premises. On the Reuterkaserne area where the Metro pavilion is currently located four trees which had been cut down for the project will be replaced by new plants in November. In addition, three more trees will be planted. The new trees will be funded by Metro AG and the park authority of the regional capital will organize and carry out their planting.

About 'METRO unboxed'

'METRO unboxed' is an exhibition that gives visitors the opportunity to experience the world of modern wholesale and retail with all their senses - from international speciali-ties and sustainable logistics solutions to the digital trends of the future. During the exhibition, international experts from METRO will engage in dialogue with visitors about the multifaceted nature of innovative wholesale and retail solutions. Every day, these help business owners and consumers from around the world to forge ahead, enrich life in our towns and cities, and make it possible to find sustainable answers to social challenges.
Find out more about 'METRO unboxed' at: www.metro-unboxed.com