METRO celebrates International Day of Charity with METRO Volunteer Day

05 September 2018

This year METRO is contributing to the International Day of Charity. To this end, the international wholesale and food specialist has called on its employees to participate in the METRO Volunteer Day on September 4th and 5th.

METRO Volunteer Day 2018

In Düsseldorf where the company is headquartered at, METRO has organized two projects together with Diakonie Düsseldorf.

Already on September 4th, 10 employees of METRO AG, METRONOM, METRO PROPERTIES, METRO LOGISTICS, METRO Campus Services GmbH as well as Real and Real Digital have swung the cooking spoon and cooked together with families and children in the Ernst-Lange-Haus in Düsseldorf-Hassels. The community center in the south of Düsseldorf is regularly visited by many families. The aim of the cooking campaign was to spend time together and to get into conversation over shopping, preparing and cooking various dishes from all over the world.

While cooking aimed at bringing cultures into conversation, generations are coming together today on the United Nations International Day of Charity. Accompanied by another 10 METRO employees, between 12 and 16 residents of the Otto-Ohl-Haus, a retirement home in Düsseldorf-Garath, will visit the Aquazoo which was reopened in September 2017. Afterwards, the ice cart waits for the day-trippers and the other residents of the retirement home in front of the Otto-Ohl-Haus.

International Charity Day was launched by the United Nations in 2013. It pays tribute to the life and work of Mother Teresa, who died on 5 September 1997 at the age of 87. For over 45 years the Nobel Prize winner, nun and missionary from India served the poor, sick, orphans and dying. The UN day aims to mobilize people around the world to help others through volunteer and philanthropic activities.

"METRO sees itself as part of society. Only together we can promote integration, enable participation in our society and thus make everyday life worth living for all. That is why we are making a contribution to the International Day of Charity with the METRO Volunteer Day," says Laura Halfas, project manager and Head of Corporate Responsibility METRO AG. METRO Volunteer Day was organized by the project team of the METRO Volunteering Program "We help". The program, which was launched in 2015, supports the METRO staff members who are involved in social projects for people in need. Employees of all METRO companies worldwide can apply for support with their commitment. The projects are evaluated by a jury and financially supported; the employees can additionally take time off work to take care of their voluntary commitments.