ODIDO franchise network in Poland celebrating 10th anniversary

07 September 2020

The franchise network, launched in 2010 under the banner “ODIDO’ in Poland by MAKRO for small independent grocery shops, has turned 10 years old. Over the past decade, the network has built its vast presence across the entire country with 2,700 shops in over 1,400 locations today.

a ODIDO shop in Warsaw
ODIDO shop in Warsaw

The ODIDO partnership is based on a soft franchise model that empowers small shops in their daily operations through store renovation, assortment building, exclusive promotion deals from MAKRO and marketing campaigns while still allows them to maintain high degree of business independence. Today ODIDO ranks the 6th largest franchise network in terms of store number in Poland.

The concept has proven a flexible and effective solution for small shops to strengthen their viability threatened by the growing number and footprint of grocery chains and discounter formats.  Particularly in the COVID-19 pandemic, independent shops rely more than ever on a trusted partnership for the security and reliability of supplies, which ODIDO proudly guarantees through MAKRO’s broad range of products and ordering/delivery services.

In addition to product supplies, MAKRO arranges a series of training courses and seminars for ODIDO shop owners to enhance their competitiveness. Industry experts at these events promote innovative solutions for traditional trade businesses as well as share insights into latest market trends in the Polish trade sector. 

As ODIDO shops play an important role in each community they serve, they are appreciated by the community members. MAKRO gives awards to recognize women entrepreneurship of ODIDO female shop owners and supports charity initiatives, voted by shoppers, for the community building. 

Over the past 10 years ODIDO has been evolving continuously to keep pace with the market trends and consumers’ needs. Solutions such as “Wine zone”, Rioba coffee corner, “Grab it on the run” that offers sandwiches, fresh juices, hot snacks, have been introduced in ODIDO shops to address the rising demand for convenience shopping experience. 

The digital presence of ODIDO is on the web www.sklepyodido.pl where shoppers can find latest offers and promotions in their neighborhoods but also cooking tips in video  produced by MAKRO with renowned chefs. The ODIDO shop owners rather turn to www.makrodlahandlu.pl or mobile app for running business efficiently. More modern digital solutions are being planned to further strengthen the capabilities of ODIDO franchisees and provide more options for shoppers.