Our help programmes for Ukraine

29 March 2022

METRO AG and many of its employees continue to work with great commitment to help the people in Ukraine as well as refugees from there through a variety of concrete initiatives as ONE METRO. Our financial donations range from various company and individual employee donations to support employees, their families, and refugees.

Our help programmes for Ukraine

METRO AG also supports food and water deliveries from the UN World Food Programme to the Ukraine. In more than a dozen countries - from Moldova to The Netherlands, from Poland to Spain - METRO and employees of METRO have launched initiatives to help the people and refugees from Ukraine.

METRO continues to keep the wholesale stores in Ukraine open at great expense to supply the people with food. In doing so, the company not only makes financial advance payments for deliveries, but also supports the Ukrainian team, for example, in talks with international suppliers about appropriate risk sharing.

In addition, METRO continues to provide international supplies through in-house trading companies to ensure basic goods in our Ukrainian stores even under these circumstances. Employees' salaries continue to be paid even if they are called up for military service or flee from their hometown.

METRO AG can neither confirm nor deny reports from Russian television that Russia is currently using the METRO store in the city of Mariupol to register people and distribute food to the population. Currently, Mariupol is cut off and exposed to fierce Russian attacks. METRO currently has no control over the wholesale store there, and no way to influence what is happening. In the rest of the country, METRO continues to try to keep the wholesale stores open to supply people with food.

Here you find an overview of current help programmes from METRO in the different country organisations.