Robocode Hackathon inspired young coding fans

22 January 2018

More than 100 participants from four cities in two countries competed with their virtual roboters for the first place. The METRO Robocode Hackathon inspired young coding fans.


Two countries, four cities and more than 100 participants who competed against each other. On Saturday, 20th of January 2018, the Robocode Hackathon started and inspired young coding fans.

The task was fun-oriented: teams of two people or single fighters programmed virtual roboters who competed in virtual arenas against each other. The programmed Java-codes ensured that the roboters circulated in a special route, fired and evaded the enemy's roboters. Some of them were flashing, others in bright colours. Via screens, the cities were connected and could follow the other hackathonies.

After several test runs, the final battles started at 6 pm German time. First, the countries battled against one another - Duesseldorf versus Berlin, Bucharest versus Brasov - then the five winners of each country against each other.

The first place was won by a student team in Duesseldorf, place two and three went to Bucharest.

These are the winning teams:

First place: Shayan Shahpasand und Milad Navidizadeh from Duesseldorf with their roboter Lashkor
Second place: Ionut Ungureanu und Iulian Plesoianu from Bucharest with their roboter MaiLightAsa
Third place: Radu Pogonariu und Andrei Preda from Bucharest with their roboter YourAverageBot

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