Excellently staged: Design Award for last year's METRO condensed report

21 December 2018

Good design is characterised by creativity, inventiveness and craftsmanship. The METRO Condensed Report 2016/17 convinces in all these areas - the German Designer Club (DDC) awarded it with bronze in the Reporting category of the "Gute Gestaltung 19" competition.

Excellently staged: Design Award for last year's METRO condensed report

Progressive, focused and inspiring - this is how METRO presents itself as a leading international specialist in the wholesale and food retail trade. This claim is also reflected in METRO AG's first condensed report after the stock exchange listing in 2017.

On 86 pages, it raises questions that drive the industry - and provides convincing answers. The layout clearly focuses on the questions, but also gives sufficient space to the various answer formats. The condensed report 2016/17 plays with this mechanism in all interviews, statements, reports, pictures and infographics and thus creates a multi-faceted publication. The design captivates with a striking design language and stringent typography - 2 aspects that were particularly well received by the expert jury.

For 18 years, the "Gute Gestaltung" competition of the German Designer Club has honoured excellent work and original design ideas and concepts that provide innovative answers to the challenges of the design and creative industries. Manufacturers, framers, designers, entrepreneurs, architects, agencies as well as students and start-ups from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can take part. With the award of the condensed report 2016/17, METRO repeats its success of the previous year: METRO also won the bronze medal in the "Gute Gestaltung 18" competition - in the category "Annual Reports" with the Annual Report 2015/16.

"In order to offer tailor-made services, solutions and thus "MORE", we need to know what moves our customers. We listen, ask questions and provide answers. This dialogue with its deliberately striking presentation and the question "Who is the new METRO?" are the core of our condensed report. We are extremely pleased that we were able to convince them", says Katharina Meisel, Head of Corporate Media & Branding METRO AG. Her thanks go to all those who contributed to this success.