Suppliers rank METRO analytics platform for sales data in 1st place

02 July 2020

In a recent survey among suppliers conducted by The Advantage Group,
METRO AG’s analytical platform “Customer Lens” was ranked 1st place in the annual comparative ranking.

Landing Page Analytical Tool Customer Lens

METRO AG’s platform „Customer Lens“ is the enhanced version of the very successful “International Data Sharing (IDS) platform” and was launched in 2019. “Customer Lens” provides the global suppliers of the international wholesale specialist with detailed analytics and insights describing sales developments based on changes in customer buying behavior.

In a recent survey conducted by The Advantage Group, “Customer Lens” has been ranked 1st place in the annual comparative ranking in an independent supplier ranking completed by more than 30 global suppliers.

In the survey, suppliers were asked about their level of contentment with the range, functionality and benefits of the analysis tools offered by almost two dozen international retailing companies. In addition, the survey also includes the supplier’s satisfaction rate with the cooperation on various topics with wholesale and retail companies.

The platform „Customer Lens“ not only gives suppliers a complete overview of their sales figures per product by country, market and customer group. It also offers the possibility to identify growth potentials based on customer buying behavior and to measure the success of distinct promotions driven by data science. In addition suppliers get insights into the delivery business and details on global brand performance.

METRONOM, the tech unit of METRO AG, developed the analytical platform in cooperation with an external consulting company. Based on the “IDS” and “Customer Lens” data sharing success story with key global suppliers, METRO AG decided to roll out a local version of the tool in all METRO countries with METRO stores, to also support the cooperation with local business partners.