METRO confirmed as FTSE4Good Index Series constituent

30 July 2019

The British FTSE4Good is an index family established in 2001 that analyses around 2,400 large and medium-sized companies that are committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. METRO has been listed in the FTSE4Good Index since 2017.

METRO confirmed as FTSE4Good member

FTSE4Good is one of the world's leading ESG indices. It is based on the best-in-class principle and is used by many investors as a benchmark. In order to be included in the FTSE4Good Index, companies must be involved in five areas: working towards ecological sustainability, respecting and promoting human rights, providing good working conditions in the supply chain, preventing corruption and combating climate change.

In the evaluation, these 5 fields of action are weighted differently – depending on the respective company focus and the associated different risks.

METRO has been listed repeatedly in the FTSE4Good Index since 2017. Together with the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the Environmental Disclosure Scoring of the CDP and the Corporate Rating of ISS-Oekom, FTSE4Good is one of the four major sustainability index families whose rating METRO considers significant. As part of the stakeholder dialogue, the wholesale and food specialist informs the capital market about METRO's sustainability management.

An overview of the sustainability indices in which METRO is currently listed can be found in the current Corporate Responsibility Report.