Study: 91 percent of all self-employed would found a company again – despite concerns over the economy

30 September 2019Download

For the 3th time, METRO is presenting a representative study on the occasion of the “Own Business Day” that reflects the mood among small and medium-sized owner-managed companies in Germany and 9 other countries.

Own Business Study 2019/2020 - 91 percent of all self-employed would found a company again
  • Representative METRO study as part of the “Own Business Day” – a campaign day in support of independent entrepreneurs – confirms entrepreneurial spirit, particularly in Germany
  • German entrepreneurs are less concerned with the risk factor re-cession than the self-employed in other countries
  • Small and medium-sized independent businesses face a variety of challenges


The study paints a very positive picture, as almost all of the entrepreneurs surveyed say they would found new companies again (91 percent). At 95 percent, German self-employed entre-preneurs are even above the international average. Despite an op-timistic mood, especially among German entrepreneurs, the METRO study also shows that the challenges – the threat of a re-cession, a shortage of skilled workers, insecure income, the con-stant struggle for new business and high tax payments – are enormous indeed.

The biggest risk factor, which almost half of all entrepreneurs surveyed in the study worldwide are afraid of, is an economic downturn in their country. For example, 44 percent of the self-employed surveyed are worried that a possible recession could have a negative impact on their business. In Germany, too, entrepreneurs are concerned about the overall economic situation, but feel much more secure by comparison: only 1 in 5 believes a downturn in the economy will have a negative impact on their own business.

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